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Lokeye is singer/rapper/songwriter in a genre he calls "Loveraps". You can catch his music at festivals and night clubs in Seattle and surrounding areas. First exposed to Hip-Hop culture through the Gospel Gangstaz ('94), it was Outkast’s Atliens in '96 that changed his direction from jazz to rap. With loving lyrics and non-judgmental messages, Lokeye hopes to give his gift to the world through music among other mediums. Having grown up as the son of a preacher man, he explains: “My whole childhood I was surrounded with messages from the heart and the art of communication when you have a pulpit and a wide audience. Mix that with jazz and rap music becomes an effortless vehicle to help make the world a place where children can have solid guidance.”

Following weekly cyphers at Lokeye's crib dating back to 2001 and launching the Sunday Cypher with Raw Jawz and DJ Einstein (2005), Lokeye moved from Bellingham back to Seattle, where he was reunited with the stages he first performed on with Basement Basics and North by Northwest. Lokeye was invited to join with the recording artists from Rec Room and The Educataz to form the super-group, Somebody Cares, in 2008. Since that time, Lokeye has continued to make music with the Somebody Cares family and the greater Sunday Cypher community, alongside pursuing his solo music, and running the annual northwest Sunday Cypher Awards Show (http://sundaycypher.com/).

Lokeye’s unique blend of love-yourself lyrics and aggressive rap music has continued to gain global attention, he notes: “I’ve been fortunate enough to hear my music played through the iPods of strangers visiting from international regions, and that has meant a lot to me.” He won the category of “Best Hip Hop/Rap Freestyles” and “Best Hip Hop/Rap EP” in the 2011 Sunday Cypher Awards and was labeled “The Godfather” by the now urban-legendary Sunday Cypher community.

In 2011, Lokeye released his highly anticipated solo album, “Bellingham Bigfoot,” which was recorded, mixed, and mastered in large part by himself along with the northwest’s star producer, Jesus Chris. It featured Michael Harris from Idiot Pilot and captured the inimitable Bellingham sound. This album holds the coalescence of an artistic transformation taking place, leading up to Loveraps, starting with the maturation of his rapid delivery and inexhaustible reservoir of positive lyrics.

In 2013, Lokeye released his newest solo album, “Loveraps”: an album so well-thought-out you’ll be making new discoveries with each listen for years to come. “Loveraps” instantaneously places Lokeye among the forefront of the West Coast Love Raps music scene. Embraced & endorsed by musical legends such as My Dad Bruce, Fresh Espresso, and the whole Kinda Like Us roster, Lokeye has all the support he needs to be successful in his extraordinarily fresh take on rap music.

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