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In 2011, Lokeye released his 10th album, Bellingham Bigfoot. This landmark hometown-centered all-star project was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lokeye and Jesus Chris. Featuring Michael Harris among other headliners, Bellingham Bigfoot captures that inimitable Bellingham sound, all during it's peak where any of 50+ local rappers might show up at Forest and Cedar park to freestyle with Sunday Cypher (http://sundaycypher). Download it for free, and drink in the energies that led up to Loveraps.

Following on in 2013, Lokeye released his newest solo album, “Loveraps”: an album so thorough the feedback has maintained it's spotlight on production mastery and new lyrical discoveries with each listen. Loveraps is now available for free download.
And a couple words from Lokeye: "I grew up to a loving family that did their best to raise me in a disempowering society. I want to keep working on this music until it becomes an effortless vehicle for solid guidance and overt empowerment to future generations. We're putting this train back on the tracks people!"

If you like to freestyle and you live in the northwest, check out http://sundaycypher.com for the weekly meetup spots. This is one of the longest running weekly cyphers, submitted for the Guinness Book of World Records, starting in 2001.

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